Jul 31

Top Coil vs. Bottom Coil

Clearomizers are one of the best options for your electronic cigarette.  The clear tube design makes it easy to see how much e-liquid is left and they are easy to fill once it gets low.  Most new clearomizers also have replaceable heads, making them an economical choice.  When shopping for a clearomizer, the biggest question will be whether to go with a top coil or bottom coil design.  Each has pros and cons…

Top Coil


  • Warmer vapor due to the coil being closer to mouthpiece
  • Fill from top
  • Low propensity for leakage


  • Poor wicking
  • Frequent dry hits
  • Must be tilted and swirled in order to keep wicks wet
  • Poor flavor production

Bottom Coil


  • Easy to fill
  • Consistent wicking
  • Excellent vapor production


  • Sometimes gurgle and hiss
  • May leak if seals are not seated well or too little wick is used
  • Often drip a little from mouthpiece when the bottom is removed for filling
  • Airy draw on some
  • Sometimes need a little wick adjustment