The One Page Electronic Cigarette Buyers Guide

Which electronic cigarette is best to start with?

Need a quick answer? 


I really recommend shopping around, but if I have to suggest a kit, it would be the Volt by Smokeless Image, followed closely by the V2 Standard Kit.  Both of these virtually fool-proof kit to get started with, yet provide excellent flavor and vapor, all at a great price.

That’s the short answer, but there are a lot more options available and much more information that should be considered before making your first electronic cigarette purchase.  Check out the Introduction to the Electronic Cigarette to get started on the full scope of what you should know before purchasing.

In any case, your first kit should contain at least two batteries, a charger and five or more cartomizers.  Make sure to get some extra bottled e-liquid to keep you going when the pre-filled cartomizers run out.  You’ll know it’s time to refill when the cartomizers start to lose flavor.

Volt Electronic Cigarette Kit

Once you have received your kit, there are only three steps involved to getting started:

1.  Charge the batteries – simply screw the battery into the included charger.  Refer to the manual, but batteries are typically done charging when the light on the tip goes out.

2.  Attach a pre-filled cartomizer (which already contains the flavored nicotine solution)

3.  Inhale – with an automatic battery, that’s all you need to do, the air pressure will trigger the switch and heat the vapor.  With a manual battery, you’ll need to press the button to heat the vapor while inhaling

What not to do

Don’t pay too much – There are a lot of electronic cigarettes advertised that cost upwards of $100, but there is no good reason to pay that much.  $50 should get you started with a good kit and some extra e-liquid to use for refilling.

Don’t buy a “disposable” - These are great to try, but when they run out of juice, they’re useless.  A cheap Blu from Walgreens is fine for trying out an electronic cigarette, but will leave you wanting more pretty quickly.

Don’t believe hyped claims - one cartomizer does not equal a pack of cigarettes!  And any company giving you a “free” kit is going to make up that profit (and much more) later on.

Don’t stop at this page! - there is much more to learn about the electronic cigarette that can make your experience so much more enjoyable.