The KR808D-1 Electronic Cigarette

The KR808D-1 electronic cigarette made its mark on the industry by being one of the first to utilize a cartomizer.  This meant that users no longer had to fiddle with attaching a cartridge and making sure the e-liquid got to the atomizer, but could just screw a pre-filled cartomizer onto the battery.  The model continues to be popular for new users and veterans alike, as the battery output and flavor production is excellent for the small size of this electronic cigarette.

Using cartomizers already filled with e-liquid provides the simplest way to get started and eliminates any guesswork and each new cartomizer provides a fresh new heating element.  Buying pre-filled cartomizers can get expensive over time, however, and may users prefer to refill them several times before disposing of them.  The added benefit of refilling is that there is a much wider variety of e-liquids available.

The KR808D-1 comes in a wide selection of styles, but  is largely limited to the mini design that mimics the size of a traditional cigarette.  This is the size most often chosen by new electronic cigarette users.  While the KR808D-1 threading is not as popular as that of the 510, larger eGo style batteries are also available for it.

The Volt by Smokeless Image is easily my first choice when recommending a KR808D-1 electronic cigarette.  The Volt comes is a nice variety of colors, but it is the cartomizers that really make this brand shine.  The vapor and flavor production from these cartomizers is fantastic and will give the first time user immediate satisfaction.  Smokeless Image also has excellent customer service should any questions or problems arise.

LitecigUSA is another good option for an inexpensive KR808D-1 kit.  The kit only comes with one flavored cartridge, however, but does include five empty cartomizers.  It’s still a good choice, but requires refilling almost immediately, so remember to buy e-liquid!