Bottom Coil Changeable (BCC) Clearomizers – Page2

Kanger EVODEVOD - The first and most popular BCC from Kanger has a 1.6ml capacity.  A plastic tank is surrounded by metal with slots for viewing e-liquid levels.  These slots are the one shortcoming, as it is sometimes difficult to see levels in low light.  There is a non-removable drip tip built in.  The EVOD base is made to work perfectly on eGo style batteries, but requires an adapter for use on regular 510 battery connections.  Available at Viper Vape for $6.25 and Litecig for $6.95.

ARO - Smok Tech’s version of the EVOD is nearly identical, but coil heads are not interchangeable.  Lower prices on complete units and replacement heads make it a good choice.  Available at Madvapes for $5.99, with replacement coil heads just $1.99.

Viva Mini
 - A slightly different tank design from AnyVape that boasts a 2.5ml capacity while still retaining the width of an eGo battery.  Exceptional performance, a nice kit presentation, 510 connection and the ability to change drip tips are high points.  The possibility of cracking where the metal base screws onto the tank is an issue if the unit is twisted or dropped.  Uses the same coil head as the EVOD.  Available from Viper Vape for $10.99 for a tin boxed kit which includes two extra replacement heads.AnyVape Viva Mega BCC

Viva Mega - The same style and performance as the Viva Mini above, but with a 3.5ml capacity.  Available at Viper Vape for $10.95 which includes two extra heads in a tin box.

Kanger ProtankProTank - Sports a 2.5ml glass tank from Kanger with a coil head very similar and interchangeable with the EVOD.  510 connection and permanent mouthpiece.  Excellent flavor and produces loads of vapor while still being easy to use.  Available at Litecig for $16.95 and Viper Vape for $16.99.  Kits include one extra coil head.

Protank 2 – Kanger builds on the success of the Protank with the Protank 2.  It has the same great performance, but with a modular tank design that makes it easier to clean.  A removable mouthpiece and slightly tighter draw are added bonuses that address two only thing some users disliked about the first model.  $17.99 from Viper Vape includes and extra head.

Trophy - Smok Tech’s answer to the Protank is pretty much identical in terms of performance and design.  An $11.99 price tag from Madvapes makes it even more appealing.

Protank Mini
ProTank Mini
 - A 1.2ml version of the ProTank mentioned above, this time with an eGo fitting that requires an adapter for use with a 510 battery connection.  Same Protank performance in an eGo style.  $14.95 from Viper Vape, which includes an extra head.

AnyVape Davide
 - Similar to the ProTank in style and performance, this tank from AnyVape sports a modular design and removable mouthpiece.  510 compatible.  Kit includes and extra head for $17.99 from Viper Vape.

Davide Mini - Same style and performance of the Davide above, but in a 1.5ml size.  Has eGo compatible threads that will require an adapter for use with 510.  $13.99 from Viper Vape.

Smok Tech Tumbler BCCTumbler - The odd ball of the lot is the bowling pin shaped 2.5ml Tumbler from SmokTech.  Great performance.  Works great with an eGo battery, but requires an adapter for a 510 connection.  $9.99 from Madvapes.