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Bottom Coil Changeable (BCC) Clearomizers

One of the best new electronic cigarette improvements of 2013 has come with the introduction of bottom coil changeable clearomizers, or BCCs for short.  These reasonably priced clearomizers provide excellent vapor and performance yet are easy for a first time user to get started with.Bottom Coil Smok Tech

The BCC gets its name from the design and placement of the coil assembly.  The coil resides at the bottom of the clearomizer or tank, allowing it to easily wick enough e-liquid.  The changeable part indicates that the coil head is easily replaced rather than buying a whole new unit.  Replacement coils come pre-assembled in a coil head that simply screws or press-fits into the base.  No manual assembly of intricate wires is necessary, although the heads can be rebuilt by users wishing to do so.

In most cases the design works exceptionally well, and this type of clearomizer has quickly become known for producing excellent flavor and clouds of thick vapor.  The clear tanks make it easy to see how much juice is left and refilling is as simple at removing the base and dripping e-liquid into the tank.Viva Mini

Because the head lies at the bottom of the tank, e-liquid flow stays consistent once properly configured.  In some cases the units are manufactured with a little too much wick, which results in poor juice flow and a dry hit.  Simply removing a little wick corrects the issue.

Most BCCs will have one or two strands of wick that simply lay on top of the coil.  Snapping off the top tube of the head allows for removing one of these.  The tube can then be snapped back into place.  Bits of wick can also be pulled out from the side with a pair of tweezers.  Just be careful to pull out just a little at a time.  Too little wick will result in gurgling and possibly leaking.

There are lots of BCC options available.  All use the same bottom coil design and the coil heads are even interchangeable between some of them.  Go to the next page for some examples – BCC Clearomizers Page 2.