Nov 12

Flying with Ecigs and E-Liquid

I just got back from an all-to-short vacation and thought I’d share some tips about flying with electronic cigarettes.  First, let me say that it’s not something to worry about.  As long as you follow some simple TSA rules and take a few precautions, you’ll be back on the ground enjoying your ecig with no problem.  There is no regulations against taking an electronic cigarette on a plane, but rules about batteries and liquids do apply.

Here are a few simple tips…

Take your ecig with you in your carry-on, purse or jacket.  The primary reason for this idea is that “loose lithium batteries” are not allowed in checked baggage.  Ecig batteries wouldn’t necessarily be lithium or loose, but who wants to leave that decision to an agent rifling through your bag?  I take mine in my carry-on and make sure they are either in a turned-off device or in a case that keeps them secure.

Liquids can go in either your checked or carry-on baggage.  In either case, make sure you put the bottles in a sealed plastic bag.  The pressure drop in flight will often cause the liquid to seep out of them.  My two zip-lock bags were soaked inside when I got off the plane.  Leaking e-liquid in a pocket is no fun… been there, done that.

The same goes for tanks and clearomizers.  The higher pressure inside the tank will force the e-liquid right out of them in flight, so put them in a zip lock bag, too.

Finally, make sure your devices are turned off.  The cramped quarters on an airplane make an accidental button press pretty easy to do, and a plane is not a good place to be wondering where that vapor is coming from.

By the way, vaping on a plane is generally prohibited, or at least frowned upon, so I’m not going to make any suggestions on that note.

Enjoy your flight!