Electronic Cigarette Glossary

Some helpful terms…

APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) – An electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer (PV) with a replaceable battery.  Usually much bigger than a regular cigarette.

Atomizer – the part of the electronic cigarette that heats the e-liquid.  Sometimes shortened to “atty.”

Automatic Battery – A battery that is activated by inhaling or drawing air through it.

Battery - The part of the electronic cigarette that provides power to the atomizer.  Common types are Automatic and Manual.

BCC – Bottom Coil Changeable tanks and clearomizers have a coil head at the bottom that is easily and inexpensively replaceable

Box Mod - an electronic cigarette made from a plastic or wooden box.

Bridge – the part of an atomizer that touches the cartridge and passes e-liquid to the wick.

Cartomizer – a heating coil and liquid reservoir built into one piece.  Sometimes shortened to “carto.”

Cartridge – a detachable e-liquid reservoir that is inserted into an atomizer.  Sometimes shortened to “cart.”

Clearo – See “Clearomizer” below.
Clearomizer – Similar to a cartomizer but with a clear tube and no filler material. “Clearos” make it easy to fill and see e-liquid levels.

Coil – The thin wire element that heats the liquid.  Similar to a tiny light bulb filament

Coil Head – an assembly of wick wrapped in coil attached to a threaded post that screws into a clearomizer or tank.

DIY – (Do-it-yourself) Refers to mixing your own e-liquid.

Dripping - using an atomizer without a cartridge by dripping e-liquid directly into it.

Drip Tip – used in an atomizer in place of the cartridge to make dripping easier.

Dry Hit – An inhale from an atomizer or cartomizer that is low on e-liquid or empty.  Results is a nasty burning throat sensation and taste.  May cause irreversible damage to the atomizer or cartomizer

e-cig, ecig, e-cigarette, ecigarette - Short for “electronic cigarette”

E-Liquid – A liquid typically made up of PG, VG, flavoring and nicotine for use in an electronic cigarette.

E-Juice – Another name for e-liquid

Electronic Cigarette – a device that vaporizes liquid to give the user the sensation of smoking.

Filler – The fibrous batting that retains liquid in a cartridge.

Flavorings (or flavor concentrates) – highly concentrated flavorings used to create custom e-liquids.

mAh – (milliampere-hour) The capacity of a battery that determines how long it will last when in use.

Manual Battery - An electronic cigarette battery that is activated by a push button.

Mega Cartomizer – usually associated with eGo devices, these large fiber filled cartomizers hold up to 5ml of eliquid.

mg – (milligram) Refers to the ml/mg percentage of nicotine in e-liquid.  Typically ranges from 0-36mg.

Mod – An electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer (PV) with a replaceable battery.  Also referred to as APV.

Passthrough (battery-less) – a PV that must always be connected to a USB power source.

Passthrough (in-line battery) - a PV that is connected to a USB power source, but also has a battery in-line that is always charged and can used with or without the USB connection.

Personal Vaporizer, PV – Another name for an electronic cigarette, without the “cigarette” stigma.

Propylene Glycol – One of the ingredients in e-juice that makes vapor.  Like the liquid in fog machines.  FDA approved for human consumption.  Thinner and provides a better throat hit than vegetable glycerin.

Tank – A large reservoir of e-liquid that typically surrounds the atomizer or cartomizer.

Threads – The type of connection between the atomizer and battery.

Three Piece - An electronic cigarette that uses an atomizer and cartomizer.

Two Piece – An electronic cigarette that utilizes a cartomizer.

Vaping - The act of “smoking” an electronic cigarette.

Vapor – The “smoke” that is exhaled when using an electronic cigarette.

Variable Voltage – Allows the user to raise or lower the voltage output, resulting in a hotter or cooler inhale.

Vegetable Glycerin - One of the ingredients in e-juice that makes vapor.   FDA approved for human consumption.  Thicker and provides more vapor than propylene glycol.