eGo Electronic Cigarettes

The eGo electronic cigarette was first manufactured by a company named Joye.  Since its introduction, it has been imitated by quite a few manufacturers, many of whom refer to their product as an eGo, as well.  The result is that the name eGo has come to refer to the larger battery style of electronic cigarette rather than the eGo brand itself.

These big battery models, or “fat-batts” as they are sometimes referred to, can now be found under model names such as eGo, Riva, VGO, kGo and Inferno.  All are essentially designed around the same type of battery which is fatter than a mini electronic cigarette and will last a lot longer, yet still retains the same 510 fitting for the atomizer connector.  Most users get well over a day of vaping out of an eGo style battery.

An eGo can be spotted by its size, which is similar to a small cigar, and by its distinctive threads around the outside of the atomizer connection.  These threads are designed so that a cone can be attached over the atomizer for a sleeker appearance.

eGo Variations

Over the last year or so, there have been many improvements to the eGo, mostly around the design of the atomizer.  All still incorporate the 510 connector, so a large variety of atomizers, cartomizers and tanks can be used regardless of which kit is purchased.  Here are a few of the options currently available:


eGo - The original device in the eGo line is typically a 650-1000mAh battery and includes a standard 510 atomizer and a cone to cover it.  Standard cartridges with filler inside feed liquid to the atomizer.  The original 510 cartridge system isn’t perfect, but it is simple in design and is a pretty good choice for new users.

kGo - This is the basic eGo kit which uses a standard 510 atomizer and cartridges.  Nothing fancy, but a great place to start.

eGo Cartomizer - Essentially just an upgraded eGo kit, cartomizer kits include simple to use 510 cartomizers rather than atomizers and cartridges.  These are the simplest to fill and easiest to use of any cartomizer, making them the perfect choice for a new user.

VGO – this version of the eGo kit is offered with either an atomizer or 5 cartomizers, making it a great choice for new users.

eGo Mega Cartomizer - the Mega eGo cartomizers hold up to 5ml of e-liquid, enough for nearly a days worth of vaping.  They are just as easy to fill and use as standard 510 cartomizers, so this kit is also perfect for beginners.

eGo-C – the “C” denotes changeable and refers to the fact that atomizer heads can be changed without disposing of the whole atomizer body.  Like the eGo-T, this model also uses a tank that is pierced by the tube in the center of the atomizer.  Also similar to the eGo-T, it is prone to leakage and dry hits.  Because it often requires some adjustment, it is not recommended for new users.

eGo-T -  the “T” denotes tank, and that’s what makes this kit different.  This larger eGo atomizer is specifically designed to take a tank style cartridge which is pierced by a tube on the atomizer.  The tank cartridge holds a little over 1ml of e-liquid, but can sometimes leak or not deliver enough e-liquid to the atomizer, resulting in a dry hit.  Because it often requires some adjustment, it is not recommended for new users.

The Inferno Tank Kit – this kit includes a 3.5ml cartomizer tank along with 650mAh and 900mAh eGo style passthrough batteries.  This style of tank will provide hours of vaping pleasure and is probably the easiest on the market to use.  Recommended for beginners.

eGo-C Twist - an eGo battery with variable voltage capabilities to increase vapor warmth.  These batteries are not readily available in kits, but make a great add-on for any level of user.

Kanger EMOW - An slightly larger 1600mAh variation on the eGo with a flush mounted button.  The kit includes an excellent adjustable airflow dual coil tank with replaceable bottom coil heads.  It performs very well and is good looking to boot.