Mar 18

David Goerlitz to Promote American Heritage

David Goerlitz was the face of Winston cigarettes in the 1980s. What really makes him notable, however, is that he later became the face of the anti-smoking movement. Goerlitz quit smoking in 1988 and began speaking about the dangers of tobacco use; shocking truth coming from someone inside the tobacco industry. Since then, this former “Winston Man” has spent years educating school children on the perils of smoking, and earned praise from the American Cancer Society, World Health Organization and the American Lung Association. He has more recently has come to denounce much of the anti-smoking movement as “loud-mouthed zealots”, “wackos” and “greedy people whose egos are out of check”.

So, as a former tobacco spokesperson, turned anti-smoking crusader and finally someone who sees the ANTZ for what they really are, Goerlitz was looking for a better way to decrease tobacco use. He discovered electronic cigarettes right about the time I did back in 2009. He now comes on board at American Heritage as a member of the advisory board and its spokesperson. I don’t know too much about American Heritage, but its good to see someone with Goerlitz’ credentials promoting the technology we have come to believe in.