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Oct 24

A Great Starter Kit – Heavy on the Juice!

I just ran across Vista Vapor and they have a great Top 5 starter kit available.  It includes a single 900mAh eGo style battery with a Vivi clearomizer attached, but what really makes it special is five 17ml bottles of their most popular e-liquids.  That’s a month’s worth of juice with a battery and clearo for …

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Aug 06

Comments to the FDA due NOW!

Please see the The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) 4th call to action for details on what to submit to let the FDA know why oppressive regulation on the electronic cigarette is a bad idea. In short, proposed regulations threaten to decimate much of the ecig industry by making it financially impossible for small …

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Jul 23

New Rocket From Smok Tech

Smok Tech Rocket

Smok Tech has released a new variation on the variable voltage/variable wattage (VV/VW) mod.  The Rocket uses a rotating center ring rather than a menu system to adjust the output from the 16650 battery. There are five settings for output - 3.6V, 4.0V, 4.4V, 4.8V and 6.0V or 6.0W, 8.0W, 10.0W, 12.0W, and 15.0W.  These options …

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Mar 18

David Goerlitz to Promote American Heritage

David Goerlitz was the face of Winston cigarettes in the 1980s. What really makes him notable, however, is that he later became the face of the anti-smoking movement. Goerlitz quit smoking in 1988 and began speaking about the dangers of tobacco use; shocking truth coming from someone inside the tobacco industry. Since then, this former …

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