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Oct 06

EMOW 1600 Mega Kit from Kanger

Kanger EMOW 1600 Kit

An electronic cigarette starter kit should be easy to use and require no adjustments to get it working right out of the box.  The 1600 EMOW Mega from Kanger meets both of those requirements and adds good looks, a high capacity variable voltage battery and an adjustable airflow tank for good measure. The kit mates …

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Sep 12

Battery Sizing

One of the first choices you’ll encounter when getting started with vaping is what size battery to buy. Variations in starter kits are centered around the batteries they include. As we’ve discussed in other articles here, there are three main types of batteries…   Small – about the size of a conventional cigarette. Range from …

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Nov 12

Flying with Ecigs and E-Liquid

I just got back from an all-to-short vacation and thought I’d share some tips about flying with electronic cigarettes.  First, let me say that it’s not something to worry about.  As long as you follow some simple TSA rules and take a few precautions, you’ll be back on the ground enjoying your ecig with no …

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Aug 22

Shorter SiD Tubes

SiD 18650 18500 18350 tubes

The Sid from Smok Tech is already one of the lighter variable voltage/ variable wattage devices on the market thanks to its aluminum body.  Shorter tubes that are now available make it an even more pocket friendly device.  The tubes are available in 18350 and 18500 sizes, providing a nice range of choice between battery …

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