Sep 12

Battery Sizing

One of the first choices you’ll encounter when getting started with vaping is what size battery to buy. Variations in starter kits are centered around the batteries they include. As we’ve discussed in other articles here, there are three main types of batteries…


Small – about the size of a conventional cigarette. Range from 90 to 350 mAh.

Medium – about the size of a cigar, but they don’t really look like a cigar. 650 to 1100mAh.

Large - Many different sizes, from small flashlight to cigarette pack sized. 650 to 3000mAh.


The mAh shown above is short for milli-ampere hour and refers to how much current can be drawn for one hour from the battery before it is discharged. For our purposes, mAh can be equated with how long a battery can be vaped before needing a recharge.

There is no way to tell you exactly how long a battery lasts, because everyone vapes a little differently. Some vapers may take a few hits every hour while others will vape steadily for an entire hour. On average, though, the three sizes should yield the following performance.


Small – Less than 350mAh – plan on having three or more to last a full day.

Medium – 650mAh will last many vapors a full day, and 1000mAh are even more likely to.

Large - Over 1000mAh will last just about any vaper all day and maybe two.


In addition to charge time, larger batteries also typically offer an increase in power which translates into an increase in the warmth of vapor. We’re not going to get into all of those variations here, though.

What it all comes down to is finding a happy medium between performance and size. Smaller sizes are more easier to carry, but the added charging can be inconvenient. Larger batteries can border on bulky, but offer a lot more time between charges and available power.