Tube Style Advanced Personal Vaporizers

Tube Style APVs

Regulated, Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage

Provari Mini Electronic CigaretteProvari - Provape has been a leading innovator in the electronic cigarette industry and the Provari is their flagship model.  This device does it all, from delivering rock-solid performance and variable voltage to providing information on atomizer ohms and battery charge on its digital display.  This device is robust enough for the experienced user, but easy and safe enough for the beginner.  The price of entry is a little high, but solid design and reliability make this a great first device.

Smok Tech ZMAXZMAX - Smok Tech has been making significant advances in manufacturing and the VMAX is the best release yet.  It has all of the features of the Provari at a lower cost and also includes variable wattage.  Its single or dual battery configuration allow for excellent vape time between charges.  First run models tendency to deliver a hotter vape than the set voltage make it a less suitable choice for new users.  Improvements on later models include an “8th menu option” that allows the user to switch to RMS mode in which the voltage display is more exact.

Sigelei ZMAX - The Sigelei version of the ZMAX uses the same chip as the one from Smok Tech, but in a slightly different design.  The most notable difference is in the Sigelei’s OLED screen, which diplays two lines of smaller print as opposed to the three large LED digits of the Smok Tech.  The Sigelei also has a slightly more solid and heavier feel as well as an eGo threaded top cap.  Voltage and wattage are variable and it will work with either one 18650 or two 18350 batteries, just like the Smok Tech.

ZMAX Mini – The mini has all the great features of the second version of the standard Smok Tech ZMAX, including the 8th menu option for better voltage output measurement.  The mini is designed to use only one 18350 battery, making it shorter overall.VMAX Electronic Cigarette APV

VMAX – This predecessor to the ZMAX is a direct competitor to the Provari.  Unlike the ZMAX, only voltage is adjustable on the VMAX.  It also has a tendency to report a lower voltage than is actually being delivered.Vamo Electronic Cigarette APV

VAMO – very similar to the ZMAX in performance, the VAMO allows the user to set either voltage or wattage preference.  A three button configuration makes accessing the menu system quite a bit easier.  The VAMO also has a multi-part tube that allows for several battery configurations. One 18350 or 18650 battery can be used or two 18350s for maximum run time.

Joye eVic electronic cigaretteEVIC - Joye has been a leader in the electronic cigarette industry, but not in the APV segment.  With the addition of the EVIC, the company has introduced features not seen anywhere else.  It’s a variable voltage and wattage device, but the real innovation is in the companion software and upgradeable firmware.  A USB connection to a PC allows a user to see usage statistics and update the EVIC’s firmware.  An excellent choice for new users.

Smok Tech SiDSmok Tech SiD – this device appears to use the same chip as the Rev. 2 ZMAX, but wraps it in a brushed aluminum body that looks a lot like an Evic, down to the removable top ring and eGo threaded connector.  Price is a good reason to look at the SiD, as they sell for as little as $45.99.   A great choice for new users.Lava Tube

Lavatube – the first device to take aim at the Provari fell short due to lower power, but the Lavatube performs well enough to satisfy most users.  The chrome version is even better looking.  A good choice for new users.  The newest version has a sleeker look.

Innokin iTaste SVD



Silver Bullet (SB) – one of the first commercially available mods to incorporate a large battery, the Silver Bullet has stood the test of time with its solid construction, simplicity and good looks.  This APV is not regulated, which means the output will be determined only by battery charge – 4.2v for a fully charged one down to 3.5v or so when it is drained.  Simple functionality make this an excellent choice for new users.Bolt APV Electronic Cigarette

Bolt - an inexpensive mod that is quite similar to the Silver Bullet, the Bolt is attractive and well made.  An extender ring makes this device compatible with two different sizes of batteries.  A good choice for new users.

Natural – another unregulated mod, the Natural also incorporates a purely mechanical switch to further streamline the power delivery circuit.  A side mounted switch at the bottom end of the tube eliminates the need for a wired switch.

Smok Tech Natural APV

Telescope – The main feature of the Telescope from Smok Tech is that it does just what the name suggests, it telescopes from around 3.5 to 5 inches in length.  This feature allows it to be used with a variety of batteries, including 16340,18350,18650 Li-ion and even the unusual 4.8v NiHM battery available from Madvapes.  This APV has a bottom firing button and mechanical switch design.