Box Style Advanced Personal Vaporizers

Box Style APVs

510 Box Mod APV

3.7 Box - made from a standard 2AA battery box, the 3.7v box mod is the old school bobber of the ecig world.  Simple construction allow this device to be sold for less than $25, making it a bargain for new users.  Madvapes has all the parts to make one for those wanting the DIY experience.

VariCool Box - Created from a 3AA box and incorporating efficient variable voltage technology, the VariCool is a great device.  Newer offerings such as the Ovale V8 have more to offer though.  There is no display to show the present voltage settings and changes must be made with a screwdriver using a dial inside the box.  Somewhat suitable for the new user.

Ovale V8 - this is perhaps the most feature filled box mod, as it is built with the same circuitry as the VMAX.  It suffers from the same tendency to display a lower voltage that what is actually experienced, though, so it is not a great option for new users.

Gripper - a variable voltage box from Smok Tech designed with finger grips and a top button.  It’s made from a rubberized hard plastic, saving expense and weight.  Low price, stable output and ease of use make it a good first variable voltage device for those not interested in tube mods

Groove - Smok Tech’s latest addition to the box style lineup is the Groove, a great looking variable voltage and variable wattage APV.  The Groove incorporates a huge 3800mAh internal battery that does not get removed for charging.  The metal bodied device is available in a variety of colors and its $81 price tag make it a great value considering that no additional batteries or charger must be purchased.  An excellent choice for a new user.

TMAX - Using the same high performing chip as the ZMAX, the TMAX adds an interesting twist on the dual battery design.  The device holds two batteries, but only draws power from one at a time.  Both an 18650 and an 18350 can be installed, one of them being active and the other as a spare.  At $54.95 from Smoktek without batteries it’s a reasonably priced and solid APV.