30 Great Electronic Cigarette Kits

Now more than 30!

Electronic cigarette kits contain all the pieces you need to get started.  All of the great kits listed here all contain two batteries, a charger and atomizers, tanks or cartomizers to get started with.  Note that you’ll still need to add e-liquid to most of them.

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Name Vendor Type Price
Volt Standard Kit Smokeless Image KR808D-1 $22.95
Madvapes eGo Cartomizer kit Madvapes eGo Shorty Carto Kit $48.99
Volcano kit Volcano 510 dual with charger pack $59.99
Litecig 510 kit Litecig USA 510 $34.95
Litecig eGo-C kit Litecig USA eGo-C $64.95
MFS eGo-C kit My Freedom Smokes eGo-C Upgrade $69.99
MFS 510 kit My Freedom Smokes 510 $37.95
MFS eGo CE5 kit My Freedom Smokes eGo-CE5 $53.95
Indy Vapor eGo Indy Vapor Shop eGo $59.95
Indy Vapor 510 kit Indy Vapor Shop 510 cartomizer $43.95
SmokTek KR808 kit Smok Tek KR808D-1 $34.95
SmokTek CE4 Clearo kit Smok Tek eGo / CE4 $34.95
Altsmoke eGo Twist kit AltSmoke eGo Twist / Clearo Kit $39.95
SmokTek eGo Smok Tek eGo 1100 single $22.95
SmokTek eGo-C kit Smok Tek eGo-C single $19.95
Halo G6 kit Halo KR808D-1 $44.99
Volcano Inferno kit Volcano eGo tank dual $79.99
CigEasy Easy kit CigEasy KR808D-1 $34.95
eSmoke Club 510 kit eSmoke Club 510 cartomizer $24.98
eSmoke Club eGo kit eSmoke Club eGo $29.99
Goodejuice F16 Tank kit Goodejuice eGo $14.99
Goodejuice Value eGo-C kit Goodejuice eGo $49.99
Goodejuice EMOW kit Goodejuice EMOW Kit $54.99
Goodejuice KR808D-1 kit Goodejuice KR808D-1 $34.99
Madvapes eGo Clearo Kit Madvapes eGo / clearomizer $34.99
eGo / EVOD kit Viper Vape eGo / EVOD 2 $45.99
Aspire BDC kit Viper Vape eGo Twist/Aspire BDC $47.99
Winder / ARO Kit Madvapes eGo VV / clearo $51.99
Viper Vape V-Pack Viper Vape 510 cartomizer with charger pack $54.99
Altsmoke iTaste V3 Altsmoke iTaste V3 Kit $49.99
V2 Standard Kit V2 KR808D-1 $59.99
MVS 510 Kit My Vapor Store 510 Classic Kit $49.99
Vapes RBC starter kit Vapes Single RBC / eGo Starter Kit $25.00
EMOW 1600 Mega Kit Goodejuice EMOW VV 1600mAH / Tank $54.99